The series lack of racial context is on purpose but leaves me struggling to accept the story at face value.

I love Shonda Rhimes.

Let me put that as the foundation. I love Shonda. Period.

Ok, now that has been established: Bridgerton presents very oddly to me as a show.

I know Shonda doesn’t cast based on race. Even in one of my Shonda favorites, the infamous “Scandal” series starring Kerry Washington, Kerry’s character Olivia Pope didn’t mention her Blackness, her lover’s whiteness, or really any other racial discussions until later in the series. …

Your vote is your bargaining chip.

Image of Martin Luther King Jr and his wife, Coretta Scott King, at a ballot box.

I’m not sure how we got here.

A campaign encouraging Black people to either withhold their vote or divest completely from voting has been circulating heavily online. Without research and foresight, leaders of this movement think somehow declaring publicly that they are refusing to vote will give them negotiating power with candidates, mainly Democratic candidates that admittedly have enjoyed loyalty from Black voters regardless of their failure to address the needs of their Black constituents. There’s been resentment festering within the Black community for years now due to decades of unanswered calls for a…

In P-Valley, motherhood adds depth and complexity to a fantastic set of characters

*Warning: If you have not watched the series — especially the finale — -there are spoilers

Photo Courtesy of STARZ

Activist and playwright Katori Hall brought her renowned play, “Pussy Valley” from the stage to television screens this past summer, rewarding us with a well-needed break from pandemic news coverage. P-Valley gives us a look into a small-town Mississippi strip club called “The Pynk” and the lives of the dancers that enchant the stage every night. …

As corporate support grows for #BlackLivesMatter, many have expressed concern that the transition is not sincere but just a shallow showing of “solidarity.”

Street sign showing the renaming of Pennsylvania Avenue to “Black Lives Matter Plaza”. Courtesy of CNN.

When I turned on my Amazon Firestick, I discovered a message on my home screen: “Black Lives Matter, Amazon stands in solidarity with the Black community.” I was stunned to see the display for numerous reasons. Initially, I was surprised that #BlackLivesMatter had made it to streaming entertainment. During the past two weeks of protests, businesses have made statements condemning racism and supporting demonstrations all over the country. …

Go Argue With Your Mom

I plan on marrying for money and social capital. Fight me.

Listen, I am a straight woman so if I get married, I will be marrying a man. Even with the strides in equality, especially in interpersonal relationships where more and more heterosexual couples are sharing domestic responsibilities, the majority of the housework and child-rearing still falls on the woman.

Many husbands still have unconscious biases when it comes to how their marriages are supposed to function. Even if they want things to be “split” or “equal” (which really only applies to financial responsibilities many…


SO. I haven’t said anything, but we need to have a conversation about Kamala.

Does Kamala Harris have my vote, yeah sure, however what I am not about to do is go back and forth with Black people who feel uncomfortable with her as a candidate because of her past criminal justice policies. I am not going to attempt to convince them not to be concerned. They should be concerned. Her history as a prosecutor is concerning. I don’t think it is fair, or anyone’s place to attempt to tell the demographic of people most impacted by the criminal…

You don’t have to like it, but it isn’t your relationship to maintain

  • Polyamorous in this means having multiple romantic relationships at the same time, with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved, not to be confused with an open relationship where a monogamous couple is free to engage in sexual, non-romantic connections with new partners.

Let’s set the record straight before any of you try to get buck in the comments because hit dogs holler:

  1. I am NOT in, attempting to be in, nor am I attempting to convince anyone to participate in a polyamorous relationship.
  2. I have experienced…

That election process is kinda the dumbest shit I have ever seen

Yes, I did win one of the seats for delegate. Over 1600 people showed up, waited in line from about 9 am to vote for Assembly District Delegate. My slate members and I took 13 of the 14 available seats and our member running for Executive Board won her seat. All good right? Eh, not so much.

Map of California Assembly District 15

We need to change how that entire process works. The immediate need is that VOTING needs to be more accessible. PERIOD. Who the fuck holds an election for two hours on…

There’s a reason for that…and it reflects upon us poorly

The 2018 election cycle had one of the most encouraging candidate pools to date from local to national politics. The large increase of non-traditional candidates (women, women of color, mothers of color, non-Christian people of color, young people of color — noticing a trend?) was inspiring for a person like myself who is relatively new to the political game.

I am involved with a few city and county boards in my area (Oakland,CA), which I obtained through appointment from elected officials after a somewhat tedious selection process. I have volunteered…

Courtney Cecelia Welch

Oakland native, Black womanist, community advocate, commissioner/ board member, Caleb & Cruz’s mom.

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